Asian Christmas Ornaments

Whether you are decorating a Christmas tree with an Asian theme, or celebrating your Asian heritage or the heritage of your adopted child, we have a great selection of Asian Christmas ornaments for you. Asian Angels, Chinese Zodiac ornaments, and cute designs featuring Asian kids, dragons, pandas, lion dancers, and more, will be sure to look great on your Christmas tree. Many of these ornaments can be personalized with a name and date.

Asian families or families who adopt children from Asia will be extremely excited to discover our wide selection of Asian themed Christmas ornaments! Our beautiful Amy Angel personalized christmas ornament is perfect for any girl adopted from China. We also carry a matching Amy angel ornament made of soft PVC as well as an adorable Asian girl with panda PVC Chirstmas ornament. Don’t miss out on our lovely Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese women ornaments and our pagoda personalized Christmas ornament with a pagoda and a beautiful young Asian woman holding a fan.

A favorite for many years at Mandy’s Moon is our red thread legend adoption Christmas ornament. Your heart will melt when you see our adorable girl with panda personalized Christmas ornament. Older children feel special when they hang one of our older child adoption Christmas ornaments on the tree. These personalized Christmas ornaments depict a child wearing a traditional costume, map of their birth country and two flags. Other favorite personalized adoption ornaments are “fortune cookie”, “fan girl”, “lucky bamboo” and “peach blossom” Panda lovers will be thrilled with our panda with cone hat personalized Christmas ornament and Asian panda with lantern personalized Christmas ornament.

Chinese New Year and Tet are exciting celebrations. Boys and girls alike will especially enjoy our fire breathing dragon personalized Christmas ornament printed with child’s name and year and our Lion Dancer personalized Christmas ornament. Mandy’s Moon also offers Chinese Zodiac ornaments for each year Don’t miss out on our selection of resin ornaments depicting Asian kids participating in sports or Asian festivals. Our Asian boy and girl resin wreath ornaments are super adorable and fun for a child to hang on a Christmas tree.