Asian Dolls

Whether you are looking for an Asian doll for your child to play with or a display doll for your collection, we have a huge selection of beautiful Asian dolls to choose from. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese dolls will be sure to delight any child or adult collector. For other ethnic dolls, see our Multicultural doll department.

Celebrate your child's heritage with a beautiful Asian doll from Mandy's Moon. Asian dolls make a perfect adoption gift to welcome home any little girl adopted from China, Korea, Vietnam, or Japan. From rag dolls to display dolls, our selection of Asian dolls are great to love and hold or display on a shelf. Whether you are an adult collector of Asian dolls or looking for an Asian doll for your child to play with, we've got something for you. Our Green Tree Chinese and Vietnamese musical dolls play different tunes while the dolls head turns around. The costumes on the Chinese and Vietnamese musical dolls are made of rich brocades or hand embroidered designs. We also have musical dolls representing Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and the Phillippines. Asian musical dolls are a gift to be treasured for many years to come.

You can’t go wrong with a gift of a Precious Moments Asian display doll. Our Precious Moments 12” Chinese doll is stunning in her pink outfit, pigtails and pink hair ribbons. The Precious Moments Chinese Peace and Harmony doll is an absolute favorite for collectors of Asian dolls. This adorable doll wears pink brocade and clutches a toy panda. Precious Moments You Are Close To My Heart doll has intricate flowers on her outfit and in her hair and also hugs a panda. Precious Moments 12” Asian Sweet Melon-Y Doll is as cute and sweet as can be with her braided pigtails, watermelon dress, and holding a slice of watermelon ready to eat. We carry several 9” Asian Precious Moments dolls representing China, Japan, Korea and the Phillippines. Your Christmas tree will be the talk of the neighborhood when friends and relatives see our Precious Moments Asian tree top angel gracing the top of the tree. Our Precious Moments tree topper angels are available wearing Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean dresses. These beautiful, one of a kind Asian tree topper angels are made exclusively for Mandy’s Moon by the Precious Moments company.

Magnolia” is a soft and cuddly Asian doll that any little girl will love to take to bed at night or hug on long car trips. Our Berenguer Lots to Love Asian Baby Doll is fun to bathe, rock and dress. The Corolle 12” Asian baby doll (Calin Yang) is dressed in pink pajamas and matching headband.

Mandy’s Moon is proud to announce the arrival of dozens of gorgeous Vietnamese display dolls! Each Vietnamese doll is unique! Each Vietnamese display doll has a beautiful hand painted face, wears an intricately decorated aoi dai, and holds a traditional musical instrument or a fan. Lovers of anything from Vietnam will be thrilled with these beautiful Vietnamese display dolls. We also carry a limited number of miniature Vietnamese wooden display dolls.