Personalized Stuffed Teddy Bears

Create a special gift for any occasion....a personalized teddy bear! All our cuddly teddy bears can be personalized with text and/or your choice of one of our graphics, your own photo, logo, or other art on your bear's T-shirt. Choose from a variety of fonts, font colors, and T-shirts with different sleeve colors.

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A Personalized teddy bear is a great way to send a special message to someone in your life. If you want to tell your sweetheart that you love him or her, but are afraid to say it in person, try sending a personalized teddy bear with a T shirt saying "I Love You". Use a personalized cuddly teddy bear to invite your girlfriend or boyfriend to the prom. Who can say no to a teddy bear? If you have a sick friend or family member and are looking for a get well gift, consider a personalized teddy bear telling them to get well soon. A personalized teddy bear will make them smile and give them something to hold and hug while they are recovering.

Personalized teddy bears make fun table centerpieces for baby showers and kids birthday parties. They can double as door prizes...have a drawing to see who gets to win the personalized teddy bear from the table to take home! Personalized stuffed pandas and teddy bears make exceptional gifts for both mom to be and guests at an adoption baby shower.

Instead of passing out a bag of candy or little toys at your child's birthday party, give each child a nice personalized stuffed teddy bear imprinted with their name to take home! It will be kept and remembered, unlike all the little things usually found in goody bags.

Use personalized stuffed teddy bears to promote your business. We can print your company logo onto the teddy bear T shirt and you can pass them out at trade shows or other corporate events, use as table centerpieces for company dinners, or display them proudly in your office. Everyone loves teddy bears and they will help your clients remember your company name when they look at the cute stuffed teddy bear wearing T shirts printed with your company logo.

Personalized teddy bears also make great adoption gifts and baby gifts. Print teddy’s t shirt with your child's name and date of birth or adoption date to create a special keepsake that can be played with too. You can even have different shirts made for your child's teddy bear so they can change them for different occasions. Your personalized teddy bear can have a shirt for birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas (look for Peppermint Polar Bear with red and white scarf), and other holidays. The birthday boy or birthday girl will love receiving a personalized teddy bear with a T-shirt with their name and age to celebrate their special day.

There are so many things you can do with personalized teddy bears that it is impossible to list them all here. Use them to celebrate graduation, anniversaries, birthdays, or just to tell someone that you care and are thinking about them. Let us know if you have any unique ideas for what you can say with a personalized teddy!