Teacher, School, and Graduation Christmas Ornaments

Create a special Christmas ornament as a gift for your favorite teacher, or to commemorate graduation from Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, or College.

All ornaments featuring cartoon people are available with different skin colors, hair colors, and hairstyles!


Christmas has rolled around again and it’s time to say thanks to your child’s teacher. But what kind of gift can you give teacher that will be personal and unique? Consider a personalized World’s Best Teacher Christmas ornament featuring cartoon teacher and child, headline, names and date. Another gift that might make your child’s teacher smile would be the gift of a personalized Teacher Panda Christmas ornament.

Graduations never fail to be an emotional time. Families and friends are bursting with pride for the graduate. Kindergarten graduations, middle school graduations, high school graduations and college graduations – all graduates will love receiving the unique gift of a personalized cartoon person graduation ornament, suitable for grads from kindergarten through college. Choose any of our cartoon people and customize them to resemble your grad. Remember the day Johnny graduated from kindergarten, Sara from middle school, Amanda from high school, Gavin from college, or Christina from nursing school with a personalized graduation Christmas ornament to tie to a package or hang on the Christmas tree. Of course monetary gifts are most appreciated, but if you’d like to give a super thoughtful gift consider our ever popular personalized double sided graduation Christmas ornament. A baby photo and date on one side of the ornament and a photo and date of the high school or college graduate on the other – definitely a gift to remember forever and this personalized graduation Christmas ornament is perfect for tying on graduation packages. Or perhaps you’d prefer to put a kindergarten graduation photo on one side of the ornament and a college graduation photo on the other side of your personalized graduation Christmas ornament. Panda lovers will be thrilled with our graduation panda personalized Christmas ornament.