Personalized Fantasy and Characters Christmas Ornaments

Every child is blessed with a vivid imagination and fantasy characters help to fuel those wonderful imaginations. Little girls have always dreamed of fairies, unicorns and mermaids. Surprise your daughter this Christmas with the gift of a personalized fairy Christmas ornament in three different designs. Our mermaid personalized Christmas ornament offers a selection of beautiful mermaids with different skin and hair colors. Any little girl will be delighted to receive a unicorn dreams Christmas ornament personalized with name, year and a unicorn rider who looks a lot like her! Small girls just love dressing up to look just like mommy! She will smile to see a personalized Christmas ornament with a fancy dress up girl wearing hat, feather boa, purse and mommy’s shoes.

Boy and girl Christmas elves are very fun personalized Christmas ornaments to give to a child or to pass out at Christmas parties. Don’t miss out on our selection of fabulous Panda Pals personalized Christmas ornament. You will find a panda for almost every activity. A cartoon kid circled by a wreath and cuddled up to a reindeer, is the ultimate in an adorable personalized kid’s Christmas ornament! Even your pets have not been forgotten. We offer a “I Love My Pets” personalized cartoon Christmas ornament for any type of pet lover!