Personalized Custom Christmas Ornaments

Imagination is a wonderful thing, especially at Christmas! Holiday seasons can be stressful and much time is spent searching for the perfect gift, a gift that will be unique and different. Here at Mandy’s Moon we encourage our customers to be creative, to come up with their own unique and wacky ideas – so consider printing your own logos, designs or children’s art on a personalized custom Christmas ornament. With a personalized custom Christmas ornament you have the chance to step outside the box and give a truly one of a kind gift! Perhaps your company, playgroup, adoption group, nursery school, day care center, or sports club plans to organize a celebration at the park. How fun would it be to pass out custom Christmas ornaments printed with your office, school or club logo design? Custom Christmas ornaments can also be printed with a favorite photo, graphic art, or child’s art. You can create custom designs with your own logo, graphic art, photos or child’s artwork. Personalized custom creation Christmas ornaments make wonderful gifts for individuals as well – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a fun gift for teacher.

Your church is having a fundraiser. Instead of selling baked goods or parishioner’s old junk, consider selling personalized custom Christmas ornaments. Customize your Christmas ornament with a photo of your church, location and date or perhaps you’d prefer to have a special prayer printed on your custom Christmas ornament. These custom, personalized Christmas ornaments are bound to be a big success at your next church fundraising sale! Personalized custom mugs, t shirts and aprons are other wonderful options.

Your company is small. You’d like to have custom name badges printed for your employees but it’s hard to find custom name badges in small quantities. At Mandy’s Moon there is no minimum order for personalized custom name badges - we cater to small businesses! Print your company logo or art on our durable hard plastic name badges and hand them out to your staff. These custom name badges are also perfect for schools and day care centers (keep track of teachers and kids alike), churches, golfers, or any club you can think of. Now it’s time for the office Christmas party or office Christmas gift exchanges! Your company is small but you want to show your appreciation to your staff for their hard work all year long. Custom mugs with your company logo, graphic art, or a photo of the staff at last summer’s office picnic, make awesome employee gifts. On the other hand, the employees might enjoy giving their boss a gift of a personalized or custom mug with a humorous photo or text.

Another great gift for boss would be a personalized custom apron for those outdoor barbeques or cooking in the kitchen!