Personalized Adoption Magnets

Waiting to adopt a child can sometimes feel overwhelming. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and all you can think about is bringing your precious bundle of joy home. Make the wait a little easier by putting a personalized adoption magnet on your fridge printed with text such as “Waiting for Maggie” and the date your long wait began. Choose a personalized adoption stork magnet with babies wrapped in flags from different countries or our adoption pastel stork magnet for domestic adoptions. Also available are personalized flag baby adoption magnets with baby holding flags from two countries.

At last your little bundle of joy is safely in your arms and home with you. The baby showers and welcome home parties you’ve waited so long for have finally arrived. Adoption stork magnets and flag baby adoption magnets personalized with the name of your child and the date he or she was welcomed home make fabulous shower party gifts or great personalized gifts to pass out to friends and family. Personalized adoption magnets are great to stick on the fridge in place of your waiting for baby adoption magnet. Another wonderful option for adoption baby shower party favors or gifts are baby boy or baby girl adoption or or birth announcement magnets. The magnets are printed with adorable cartoon babies resembling your own baby and personalized with child’s name and date of their birth or adoption.

Our Red Thread adoption magnet is printed with an adorable Asian baby girl with panda and the famous red thread legend. Panda girl adoption magnet has an adorable older girl with panda and is personalized with the child’s name and homecoming date. These personalized adoption magnets make perfect shower party favors for someone adopting from Asia. Be sure to check out our collection of resin magnets. We have the cute Asian girl magnets: Jade, Lin, Ming Yue, Sung Hee and Sovann. Parul represents India. We also have adoption stork resin magnets with storks holding baby boys and girls from Korea and Vietnam.