Bake Tiny People at 325 degrees until done!

People often ask my daughter, Laurie, what inspired her to start her personalized gift business nearly 15 years ago. Her inspiration: a 22” high, 17 lb toddler with huge brown eyes! Mandy, adopted from Vietnam at age 22 months, immediately became the treasured heart of our family and the namesake of Mandy’s Moon personalized gifts. Mandy was fascinated with the moon so Laurie gifted her precious daughter the moon by naming the business after her.

Now, back to those tiny people baked in the oven. Laurie’s first creations for her business were Christmas ornaments, figures of Asian kids wearing native costumes that were fashioned from polymer clay. Laurie would painstakingly roll, cut, dress her clay blobs, add hair, eyes, and all kinds of amazing details. She would carefully lay them out on a baking tray and place them in a preheated oven. You can imagine our shock when we saw tiny toddler Mandy laying her Fisher Price people out on the miniature cookie sheet from her baking set, opening her toy oven and placing the people inside. My first thought: what kind of a sick game is this? And then the light bulb inside my head nearly exploded with the realization that Mandy was copying her mother! We laughed for a long time over the “baked people” episode. Today, Mandy is nearly 18 and a college engineering student as well as an extremely talented digital designer for Mandy’s Moon!  She has also developed her own web site, Amanda Lynn Art,  showcasing her wildlife designs.  Definitely no more tiny people baked at 325 degrees until done!