Multicultural Dolls and the search for storage space!

In the beginning, Mandy's Moon was focused exclusively on items for families who had adopted internationally.  We started with Vietnam, China, Korea and Cambodia but soon expanded to Guatemala as well as many other countries.  It seemed every day orders were pouring in from proud parents wanting to send out announcements     welcoming their precious new arrival.  Adoptions from China were huge!  In those days the wait for a child was 9 months to a year and a half.  How we loved  receiving photos of those angelic children to print on announcements, thank you cards and favor bags. 

We realized that all these little girls coming home would need dolls to hold and love and wouldn't it be nice if they could have an Asian doll that resembled them.  We weren't the only ones thinking that way.  Precious Moments, Beringer,  Green tree and several other doll companies jumped on the band wagon.  Suddenly there was a large selection of Asian dolls to be had as well as African American and Hispanic dolls.    Not only did we enjoy selling them and making little girls happy, we loved to play with the dolls before they were shipped!

With the arrival of ethnic doll shipments came the dilemma of where to store all those boxes!  In those early years we worked from our home.  Quickly every nook and cranny was filled with dolls, plaques and stationary!  We erected a shed in the back yard, but soon that was filled to capacity.  Laurie had her heat press in the garage and alternately froze in the winter and sweltered in the summer.  My husband, unable to find his tool bench under boxes of dolls, had finally had enough.  The search for an office space began!