Baby Gifts and Birth Announcements

Birth Announcements and Personalized Baby Gifts

The arrival of a new baby is a time of great joy! We have lots of fun things to help you celebrate both before and after your baby arrives. If you're planning a baby shower, check out our adorable baby shower invitations available for babies of any race, custom printed with your party information. We have matching baby shower favor bags and thank you note cards for all our baby shower themes. After baby has been born, send out our cute birth announcements to family and friends. If you're looking for a unique gift for the new baby, consider a personalized birth plaque with baby's birth information. Teddy bears and stuffed animals personalized with baby's birth info also make a fun gift for your new little one.

Any of our items featuring cartoon babies are available with a choice of skin color, hair color, and other options! 


Pastel Stork Bag Tag

$ 7.99

Flag Baby Adoption Bag Tag - Girl

$ 7.99

Flag Baby Adoption Bag Tag - Boy

$ 7.99

Every expectant mother dreams of the day of her baby shower. The mother-to-be takes great pleasure in addressing and mailing her personalized baby shower invitations. Our custom baby shower invitations are unique and adorable offering a choice of ethnic cartoon babies with different hair colors. Family and friends gather, games are played, cake is enjoyed and best of all, the baby shower gifts are opened. Each guest is delighted to receive a personalized satin favor bag filled with small treats. The favor bags are printed with the expectant mother's choice of cartoon baby, perhaps with baby holding onto an umbrella. The guests are gone, the gifts are carefully laid out in the nursery and now it's time to send out personalized baby shower thank you note cards matching your baby shower theme.

Ta Da! Baby has arrived!! Time to shout the happy news to the world by sending out our completely unique customized birth announcements. It's true...birth announcements can be found on any website, but very few offer such a wide selection of designs and extreme personalization down to the details of baby's skin and hair color. We also carry birth announcements featuring cartoon characters representing your entire family as well as the newest member, the star of the show! Sometimes the first day's of baby's life can be quite challenging but the arrival of baby gifts coming in the mail, make mom forget the sleepless nights. One popular gift moms are sure to love is the gift of a personalized baby birth plaque. Cartoon baby resembles your little star and the plaque is personalized with details of birth date, place of birth and weight of baby. Don't forget those all important personalized baby thank you note cards to make sure friends and family know how much their love and support as met to your growing family.