Personalized Stuffed Penguin - 9 inch Plumpee Grey Penguin

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Personalized Stuffed Penguin - 9 inch Plumpee Grey Penguin

This cute plump personalized stuffed penguin makes a great gift for any occasion. This penguin measures 9" tall, but looks larger because he is so chubby! Your stuffed baby penguin will arrive wearing a T shirt personalized with your message and one of our graphics or your own photo, or logo. If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format). *Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form.

Printing on the front of your animal's shirt is included. You can add printing to the back of the shirt for an additional fee. This penguin is only available with a white shirt as he doesn't fit in the shirts with colored sleeves shown on some of our other animals.

Recommended Age 3+


Slip, slide "“ whoa! This adorable baby plush plumpee penguin has just left his home in Antarctica and is sliding toward your home! Even with his baby fuzz, he's still feeling a little chilly so we've dressed him in his very own personalized t shirt. It's helped him out a bit but - Bbbrrrrr penguins like to huddle together to stay warm. This little sweetheart doesn't have his fellow stuffed penguins to huddle with so he'd like to go home and cuddle with you on cold winter nights! We can print just about anything onto your penguin's shirt. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • You melt my heart...I love you!
  • I'm sliding on over to say "Get Well Soon!"
  • Just waddling by to ask you to prom

Other things you can do with a personalized stuffed penguin include:

  • Baby penguins and baby humans seem to be a good match. Plan a penguin themed birthday party for your toddler...there are plenty of penguin party plates and penguin decorations out there! A stuffed baby penguin (wearing a personalized t shirt of course) sitting in the middle of the party table will have all the tiny party guests laughing. Add to their joy by providing little penguin treats made out of Oreo cookies.
  • Of course any adult would love a plumpee baby penguin too! A soft baby penguin suddenly goes from being a baby gift to a manly gift when you present this sweet little fellow to your favorite Pittsburgh penguin fan! OK, a personalized plumpee penguin can be a girlie gift too for female Pittsburgh penguin fans out there!
  • Going to an ice skating birthday party? A personalized stuffed plumpee penguin would make a perfect gift for the birthday child.
  • Who isn't concerned about global warming these days? We've all seen those distressing photos of polar bears or penguins huddled together on a small, diminishing piece of ice floating around in Antarctica. Donors will whip out their wallets and make generous donations when they know they will be rewarded with the prize of a plush plumpee baby penguin! Personalize the stuffed baby penguin's t shirt with the logo of your environmental organization.


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