Cartoon Family Cards, Labels and Gifts

Family and friends will be be sure to smile when you send them cards or letters with return address labels featuring your cartoon family. We offer lots of options for customizing your cartoon people...hairstyles, hair color, skin color, outfits, hats, pets, accessories...everything you need to create fun cards or address labels, and gifts for any occasion! Give Grandma a tote bag with all her grandkids on it, put magnets on the refrigerator for each member of the family, or make matching shirts for all of you to wear at your family reunion - the possibilities are endless!

To order cartoon family labels, cards, or gifts, click on the item you are interested in ordering below to see all the details about that particular item. Follow the link to Choose Your Cartoon People, then return to the product page and enter your choices there. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about ordering cartoon family cards, gifts, and address labels.


Graduation Address Labels - Boy or Man

$ 19.99

Graduation Address Labels - Girl or Woman

$ 19.99

Graduation Thank You Notes - Boy or Man

$ 9.99

Graduation Thank You Notes - Girl or Woman

$ 9.99

Kindergarten Graduation T-Shirt - Boy

$ 19.99

Kindergarten Graduation T-Shirt - Girl

$ 19.99

Delight family and friends with the cutest, most original personalized cartoon family address labels and note cards you will find anywhere on the internet! Mandy’s Moon labels and cards offer choice of skin and hair colors but that’s not where the fun ends - our extremely unique cartoon family address labels and cards allow you to dress your family members! We have a wide selection of outfits – grads, firemen, policemen, pilots, nurses, military, chefs, brides, grooms, 1st communion outfits – you name it – we have it! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister, brother, baby – put up to seven cartoon people and pets on your personalized cartoon family address labels and note cards. After you’ve had all the fun of picking your family members and dressing them up in fabulous outfits, it’s time to add accessories. Earrings for Mom, pearls for Grandma, sunglasses for the entire crew. The fun you can have designing our personalized cartoon family address labels and note cards are endless! Don’t forget your furry friends. Other personalized cartoon family address labels and note cards simply give you the choice of one cat or one dog or one horse. The chances of your beloved pet looking like that cartoon pet are slim. We offer a wide selection of pets in different colors to give the ultimate personal touch to your family address labels and note cards, right down to picking the color of your pet’s collar!

When Christmas rolls around your personalized cartoon family Christmas cards will stand out with our personalized cartoon family Christmas address labels. Make the holidays bright by dressing your family in red or green outfits and wearing Santa hats. Celebrate Haukkaah or Kwanza? We have the same delightful selection of personalized cartoon family address labels and note cards for both of these holidays. Chinese New Year? Of course you will find Chinese New Year or Tet personalized cartoon family labels and note cards at Mandy’s Moon! The labels and personalized note cards have festive red lanterns and New Year greetings in Chinese or Vietnamese.

Brides and grooms spend countless hours selecting their wedding invitations. Why not add interest to traditional wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, or thank you notes by sticking our personalized cartoon family address labels on the outside of the envelope. Better yet, be unique and send “Forever Love” wedding or bridal shower invitations. Family and friends will smile to see something so unusual and unique, a little break from tradition that will make your wedding more memorable. Choose a cartoon groom dressed in a tux, a bride wearing wedding a gown and veil. Our Happy Couple personalized address labels and note cards are also perfect for engagement announcements, anniversary parties, and ceremonies to renew vows.

May and June bring not only weddings but graduations. Kindergarten graduations, middle school graduations, high school graduations and college graduations – all graduates will love announcing their huge milestone or inviting friends to celebrate by sending out our adorable personalized cartoon family graduation announcements or invitations with matching graduation address labels. Choose a male or female cartoon character decked out in cap and gown – select any color of cap and gown. The date of the big event will also be added to your personalized graduation address labels. These personalized cartoon family graduation labels,announcements, and thank you note cards are also ideal for graduation from nursing school, tech schools, even home schooling.

Can’t wait to announce the arrival of a new baby? You will love our personalized cartoon family address labels announcing the arrival of your little bundle of joy. “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” shout out the happy news on the personalized address label along with an adorable cartoon baby of your choice. Another of life’s big events is moving day! Whether you’re moving from an apartment to a house or from one house to another, moving is a stressful and exhausting event! Once the big move has been accomplished, it’s time to let friends know of your new location. Our cartoon family moving or change of address cards are a unique and fun way to send out your new address. Cartoon family moving or change of address cards can be personalized with a photo of your new home or perhaps you’d prefer to have acartoon house to match your cartoon family. These super cute moving or change of address cards take a lot of the stress out of moving day!

Cartoon family computer paper is another delightful way to stay in touch with friends and family through the years. Our cartoon family characters range from depicting your family members in their every day clothing, to your family decked out for the holidays: Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah or Kwanza. Friends and family will LOVE getting updates about your family events printed on our charming cartoon family computer paper.