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A personalized cross makes the perfect gift for your baby's Baptism or Christening, or for First Communion or Confirmation.  We also offer custom photo crosses with any photo and choice of wording.  Pet memorial crosses are a nice way to remember your beloved pet.

All our crosses featuring cartoon kids are available with many options for skin color, hair color, hairstyle, and more. 

Personalized Photo Cross

$ 19.99

A personalized photo cross makes a wonderful gift for any occasion! In place of a photo, consider commemorating your baby or child's Baptism or Christening day with our personalized cartoon baby baptism or Christening cross. Choose from a wide selection of cartoon babies with different hair and skin colors. Personalize this beautiful wooden cross with your child's name and date of Baptism or Christening. For older children, choose a personalized communion or confirmation cross, also featuring cartoon characters dressed in special communion or confirmation outfits A lovely keepsake for a girl making her 1st communion is our personalized 1st communion praying girl cross. Choose from six praying girls with different skin and hair colors for a truly unique gift. Our personalized praying boy or girl cross depicts a cartoon boy or girl saying his or her prayers. Personalize the cross with the child’s name and a date. These personalized crosses are perfect to hang above a child’s bed when they recite their evening prayers.

Loosing a beloved pet is never easy. Our pets bring us so much unconditional love and become such a huge part of our lives that it’s always difficult and heartbreaking to say goodbye. When a beloved pet passes away, remember all the love and devotion they gave and the richness they brought into your life with a personalized photo pet memorial cross.A personalized pet memorial photo cross is an inspirational sympathy gift sure to offer peace and comfort.