Personalized Stuffed Rabbit - 14 inch Fuzzy Plush Bunny

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Personalized Stuffed Rabbit - 14 inch Fuzzy Beige and White Easter Bunny

Easter bunnies don't get any cuter than this!  Fuzzy, soft and ever so cuddly this Easter rabbit will hippity hop his way into your life decked out in his personalized t shirt printed with your special message and one of our graphics or your own photo, or logo. If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format). *Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form.

Recommended Age 3+


Bunnies, eggs and fluffy yellow chicks have always been a symbol of Easter and the coming of Spring. The Easter Bunny first arrived in America in the early 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and ever since, American children have loved receiving a stuffed bunny rabbit as an Easter gift. The chocolate eggs and jelly beans will soon be gone with nothing left to show for them but candy wrappers and tummy aches, but a stuffed bunny rabbit will be treasured forever. With soft fur and floppy ears who could resist, especially if said stuffed bunny rabbit arrives wearing a t shirt personalized with a message such as "Hoppy Easter Megan"?.

What else can you do with a personalized stuffed bunny rabbit?

  • Most kids love bunny rabbits. Plan an Easter or birthday party around a bunny rabbit theme and you will find no end to food and decorating ideas on the internet from cakes and cupcakes decorated like bunnies to carrot shaped pinatas. Get out those face paints and paint the kid's faces up with whiskers, pink noses and drawn on buck teeth. Don't forget to add bunny ears and a cotton tail attached to the child's outfit! Now, be sure to place a personalized stuffed bunny as a table centerpiece with the child's name and birth date printed on the t shirt. If you'd like to save on the trouble, mess and tummy aches of individual gift bags filled with candy, give each child the gift of a personalized stuffed bunny rabbit to take home. A snugly bunny will be treasured long after the candy is gone and a distant memory.
  • Want to go light on the candy this Easter? Instead of a chocolate Easter bunny, how about a chocolate colored Easter bunny with the child's name on it in the center of the basket! Sure to last a lot longer than the candy one, and hopefully won't have the ears bitten off!

We can print anything onto your personalized stuffed animal's T-shirt. Here are a few bunny themed sayings, but be creative and come up with your own!

  • You pulled a rabbit out of a hat...Congratulations on your new job / graduation
  • Quick like a bunny, say you'll go to prom with me?
  • Like a rabbit caught in the headlights I'm crazy about you!
  • Hopping down the bunny trail to wish you a Happy Easter!
  • Hoppy Easter
  • Hoppy Birthday
  • Hoppy Birthday
  • Join me in a hare raising experience...Zip Lining? Bungee jumping?
  • Rascally Rabbit - you've stolen my heart!
  • Keep calm and hop on, and get well soon!
  • Our newest little cottontail "“ Nathan Daniel Ross - 12/19/13


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