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Create a keepsake that will be treasured printed with your child's artwork! Parents, Grandparents, family and friends will love receiving a mug, coasters, mousepad, or other item featuring artwork created by your child. We can even add text such as the artist's name and date. There are no minimum orders or setup fees...order just one, or order one for everyone in the family!
Tote Bag featuring your child's art

$ 17.99

T-Shirt featuring your child's art

From $ 16.99

Christmas Ornament Featuring Your Child's Art

$ 16.50

Mousepad featuring your child's art

$ 12.99

Mothers and grandmothers comfort us with love, guidance and yummy meals from the kitchen. Mom and Grandma will find kitchen time more rewarding when wearing her own personalized apron printed with her child or grandchild’s art work. Put your mother, mother-in-law, or grandmother on a pedestal! Shower her with love, flowers and a personalized child’s art gift designed by her favorite artist. At Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday, Dad is often at a loss. How can the kids honor and celebrate their Mother with a special gift, an affordable gift? Dad will find his problem solved with our children’s art products. Mom’s heart will swell with pride when she sees her kid’s artwork on a mug, personalized note cards, a Christmas ornament, a set of coasters, a mousepad, memo board, paperweight, tote bag, t shirt, room sign, or apron. As the years sail by, Mom will remember “Kristen designed this paperweight when she was only five, Sam drew this shark attacking an octupus when he was seven”. When Mom ties her artwork apron around her waist, kitchen tasks fade away - she’s only looking at little Sally’s modern art scribble with excellent use of color! At the supermarket she will be sure to carry her tote bag with Johnny’s latest picture of a mother cat with her six kittens. The possibilities for Mom gifts are endless! Children’s personalized art work gifts are also bound to be a hit for grandmother, aunts, teachers, anyone deserving of a unique and special gift!

At Father’s Day or Dad’s birthday, Mom often has even a tougher time coming up with a gift idea than Dad. Dad gets tired of receiving the same old gifts year after year: shirts, tie tacks, wallets and pens. Surprise Dad or Grandpa with a gift of one of our children’s art products. Dad or Grandpa might even get a tear in his eye when he sees his child or grandchild’s artwork on a mug, personalized note cards, a Christmas ornament, a set of coasters, a mousepad, paperweight, or even that apron for barbequing. As the years sail by, he will remember “My little princess designed this mousepad when she was only three, Andrew drew this picture of the fishing trip we took when he was eight”.

Teachers and daycare providers almost always present a challenge when it’s time for gift giving. Christmas, back to school night, end of the year – it’s wonderful to be able to give that special teacher a unique and thoughtful personalized gift he or she will treasure for years to come. Instead of a wooden apple to collect dusk on teacher’s desk, consider showing your child’s teacher appreciation with a child’s artwork personalized gift. Perhaps your child has drawn a picture of his or her teacher – print it on a paperweight, mousepad, memoboard or any one of our many products and personalize the gift with teacher’s name and date. A really cool gift would be to have the whole classroom go together on teacher’s gift. For example: have each child draw and color a picture, then compile the drawings and let us print them on note cards. Imagine the surprise on teacher’s face to receive such a useful, meaningful and creative personalized gift! All the children could roll out butcher paper and create a joint picture – we can scale it down and print that incredible painting on a t shirt, room sign, memo board or mouse pad! Gifts don’t have to be boring – let your child put their wonderful imagination to work to create a one of a kind personalized teacher’s gift!