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Personalized memo boards make practical, inexpensive gifts. Memo boards featuring cartoon people are available with a variety of options to choose skin color, hair color, hairstyles, etc. to resemble your own family members.
Multicultural Kids Memo Board

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Delight family, friends, office coworkers, teachers and day care providers with a unique gift of a personalized cartoon family memo board. Mandy’s Moon personalized cartoon family memo boards offer cartoon characters with choice of skin and hair colors but that’s not where the fun ends - our extremely unique cartoon family memo boards allow you to dress your family members! Yes, you actually get to dress them! We have a wide selection of outfits – grads, firemen, policemen, pilots, nurses, military, chefs, brides, grooms, 1st communion outfits – you name it – we have it! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister, brother, baby – put up to eight cartoon people and pets on your personalized dry erase memo board. After you’ve had all the fun of picking your family members and dressing them up in fabulous outfits, it’s time to add accessories. Earrings for Mom, pearls for Grandma, sunglasses for the entire crew. The fun you can have designing our personalized cartoon family memo boards is endless! For Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day, select a personalized cartoon family memo board for Dad or Grandpa’s office. Mother’s Day and Mom’s birthday or Christmas gifts are solved with a personalized cartoon family memo board for Mom or Grandma to put in office, kitchen or family room. A memo board can also be personalized to create a special gift for a favorite teacher, daycare provider or coworker!

What better way to celebrate diversity than with our multicultural kids or children of the world theme products. These charming multicultural and international children dressed in ethnic outfits promote unity and peace – who could resist such adorable kids from every ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Indian, Biracial – we are, after all, one world. Our multicultural kids and children of the world memo boards make great gifts for adoptive families, teachers, daycare providers - just about anyone who embraces diversity. Our multicultural kids and children of the world memo boards are wonderful items to sell at adoption or heritage camps or a fund raising auction or simply to hand out as prizes. Teachers and daycare providers get tired of receiving the same old gifts from their students. Imagine how thrilled your child’s teacher will be to open the gift of a multicultural kids memo board or a children of the world memo with kids dressed in international outfits. Teachers love having a personalized memo board to hang above his or her desk.

At Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday, Dad is often at a loss. How can the kids honor and celebrate their Mother with a special gift, an affordable gift? Dad will find his problem solved with our children’s art personalized memo board. Mom’s heart will swell with pride when she sees her child’s artwork on a personalized memo board to hang in her kitchen where she can easily jot down items for a shopping list or chores to accomplish. A scribbled picture of Mom with Sierra or Grandma with baby Benjamin makes her personalized memo board a gift to treasure forever. On Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day he will laugh with joy when he opens his personalized memo board with his child’s artwork and a phrase such as “World’s Greatest Dad”. Don’t forget Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and teachers – a personalized child’s art memo board is a great gift for anyone!