Personalized Stuffed Cow - 11 inch Aurora Plush Clementine Cow

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Personalized Stuffed Cow - 11 inch Aurora Plush Clementine Cow

This adorable 11" personalized stuffed cow from Aurora Plush makes a great gift for any occasion. Clementine Cow is part of Aurora's Sweet and Softer line and is ultra soft and cuddly! Your cow will arrive wearing a T shirt personalized with your message and one of our graphics or your own photo, or logo. If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format). *Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form.

Recommended age 3+



Need inspiration for the perfect message to print on your stuffed cow? If your brain has temporarily been put out to pasture, consider one of the following moooo-ving expressions:

  • I'd jump over the moon to hear you are feeling better.
  • Just heard you've mooo-ved to a new house. Congratulations!
  • Mooo-ve on over "“ Jessie's 4!
  • Baby Jessica Lynn has arrived! "“ 10/15/13
  • Just herd you've been sent out to pasture "“ Isn't retirement wonderful?
  • I'm leading the stampede to wish you a Happy Birthday!
  • Cowabunga! World's Best Teacher!
  • I'll love you till the cows come home!
  • The cow jumped over the moon"¦.Baby Michael Adam just jumped into our lives!
  • Don't be a cow-ard"¦reach for the stars!

Cow lovers unite - cows seem to have taken the nation by storm! Everywhere you look, cows are featured on billboards, TV, games, t shirts, nightgowns, hats. Got milk? No but we have sweet Clementine plush cow! With so many people cow crazy, why not make the gift of a personalized plush cow to welcome new baby? This little stuffed cow makes a great gift for a kid's birthday, a get well wish, a teacher thank you, congrats to a grad "“ the possibility of gift ideas for a personalized stuffed cow is endless! Here are some more ideas of what you can do with your personalized stuffed cow:

  • Use plush Clementine Cow as a table center piece "“ plop her on some green Easter grass and erect plastic fencing around her.
  • Wish someone a Happy Birthday!
  • Desperate for a baby gift? What could be cuter than plush Clementine Cow (wearing a t shirt personalized with the newborn's name and date of birth) propped at one end of a crib?
  • Play pin the tail on the cow and present the winner with a stuffed Clementine cow.
  • Imagine your child's teacher pulling Clementine Cow from a box and reading a personalized message on the cow's t shirt such as COWABUNGA! MS MALLORY IS THE WORLD's BEST TEACHER! A gift guaranteed to make any long suffering teacher forget the hair-raising trials and tribulations of the past year.

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