Personalized Stuffed Raccoon - Aurora Plush, 12"

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Personalized Stuffed Raccoon - Aurora Plush, 12"

This cute silky soft 12" stuffed raccoon by Aurora Plush will arrive wearing a shirt personalized with your message...choose a variety of fonts in different colors. You can even add one of our many graphics, or use your own logo, art, or photo! If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format). *Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form.

Recommended Age 3+


What could be more irresistible than a bandit-masked raccoon? We know-a bandit-masked 11"? stuffed raccoon from Aurora plush Sweet n' Softer collection. This adorable little thief will steal your heart with it's extra silky soft fur, perfect for cuddling! Raccoons are noted for their intelligence and remember the solution to tasks for up to three years. Sound like someone you'd like to welcome into your household? Raccoons are known for their personal hygiene as they wash their food before eating it. Sound like a great pet? Well, maybe not so much "“ they eat almost anything - fish, mice, insects, stolen eggs, and oh yes, they LOVE to root through trash! So if you love these cute little bandits but don't think you can handle such upheaval in your household, a better option would definitely be a personalized stuffed raccoon. We guarantee this sweet little stuffed raccoon won't eat your eggs or root through your trash!

Personalized stuffed raccoons make great gifts! Why? Simply because they're so darn cute! Especially a soft raccoon by Aurora plush. Perhaps you are tired of being considered boring or dull by family members and friends - spice up your life and pull one of those crazy raccoon wool caps with ear flaps and pom poms over your head, wrap a raccoon warmer around your neck, and of course don't forget your pet personalized stuffed raccoon and and now you're ready to strut your stuff ! That would make a statement!

We can print just about anything onto your personalized stuffed animal's T shirt! Here are a few more ideas for raccoon themed sayings to get you started:

  • You've stolen my heart
  • The more people I meet, the more I like raccoons
  • Wild One
  • Does Somebody need a hug?
  • Raccoon with an attitude
  • Advice from a raccoon


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