Personalized Stuffed Wolf - 16" Fuzzy Folk Wolf

$ 25.99

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If you prefer to use one of our graphics on your shirt, browse designs in our GRAPHICS GALLERY. Choose one you like, make note of the DESIGN CODE shown above it in red, then return to this page and enter the design code in the field below.

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Personalized Stuffed Wolf - 16" Fuzzy Folk Wolf

This cute 16" wolf has is weighted with beans in the hands and feet.  Your wolf will arrive wearing a shirt personalized with your message...choose a variety of fonts in different colors. You can even add one of our many graphics, or use your own logo, art, or photo! If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format). *Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form.

Recommended Age 3+




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