Personalized Ice Skating, Hockey and Roller Skating Christmas Ornaments

Spin, twirl and glide, your young figure skater can’t seem to get enough time on the ice! When Christmas rolls around, imagine the delight on your ice skater’s face when she opens up the gift of a personalized figure skating Christmas ornament. At Mandy’s Moon you will find two charming designs of our personalized ice skating Christmas ornaments for figure skating girls. Figure skaters will be thrilled to receive a personalized layback spin Christmas ornament or our Dainty Swirl ice skating ornament. Both Christmas ornaments can be personalized by selecting ice skaters with different skin and hair colors or different dress colors for your figure skater. These ceramic ornaments can be further personalized with name and year. Another great option for girls who love figure skating is our ice skating girl personalized Christmas ornament. Select an adorable cartoon girl, add a heading and name and you have a very unique gift! Panda lovers will go crazy over our ice skating panda personalized Christmas ornament. Our ice skate personalized Christmas ornament with a graphic of a skate is perfect for typing to figure skating themed gifts.

Men, young and old, are often problematic when it comes to gift giving. What better gift for your ice hockey enthusiast than an ice hockey player personalized Christmas ornament. A personalized ice hockey player ornament is not only a perfect gift for any guy who loves ice hockey, it’s great to tie onto any ice hockey themed gift. Personalize your ice hockey player Christmas ornament with name, date, and one of three ice hockey players with different skin colors.

Your child can hardly wait to lace up their roller skates and hit the roller rink! Boys and girls who enjoy roller skating will love receiving a gift of a personalized roller skating Christmas ornament. Choose from a wide selection of cartoon boy and girl roller skaters with different skin and hair colors and further personalize the roller skating Christmas ornament with name and year. These adorable roller skating personalized Christmas ornaments are also perfect to tie to a package with any roller skating themed gift. The birthday child will feel extra special in the party room at the roller rink when he or she finds a personalized roller skating Christmas ornament tied to their package.

Your skateboarding kids dash out the door, ready to hit the ramp! A skateboard personalized Christmas ornament makes a wonderful gift for any skateboard enthusiast. Kids who love skateboarding will be sure to love a skateboard Christmas ornament personalized with a child who resembles them as well as a name and year. Skateboard personalized Christmas ornaments are also perfect for tying to any skateboard related gift.