Customized Horseback Riding Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a special Christmas gift for your horse crazy kid? Mandy’s Moon offers a wonderful selection of horse themed personalized Christmas ornaments. Our horse kid or horse crazy personalized Christmas ornament allows you to choose from boy or girl cartoon heads with different skin and hair colors as well as options for 19 horses. Young pony riding girls will enjoy our girl on a horse personalized Christmas ornament offering a choice of 9 riders with different skin and hair colors as well as a choice of a dappled grey, a bay, or a palomino. Slightly older horseback riders will be enthralled with our horse dreams  personalized Christmas ornament featuring 6 riders with different skin and hair colors. Our Wild Horse personalized Christmas ornament is suitable for boys, girls or adults – anyone who loves horseback riding will be thrilled with these personalized horse themed Christmas ornaments. Horse themed personalized Christmas ornaments can be tied to packages to give that extra personal touch to a gift. If you’re having a gang of kids for a horse back riding birthday party, consider handing out personalized horse themed Christmas ornaments as favors for each child. Personalized horse themed Christmas ornaments could also be given out to kids who attend summer horse camp. Adults also love receiving personalized horse themed Christmas ornaments. What a great way to say thank you to a camp councellor or riding instructor for all their hard work than the gift of a personalized horse themed Christmas ornament?