Customer Spotlight: Baby Lilly – An Inspiration to us all September 23, 2013

Customer Spotlight: Baby Lilly – An Inspiration to us all

Lilly B. is a 13 month old baby who has recently beat cancer. She was diagnosed at just 4 months old with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer. Lilly had 8 surgeries and 14 rounds of chemo in her short little life. Her parents lost their home and jobs, and had to live between the Ronald McDonald home and the hospital while Lilly was going through her treatments. Lilly is now cancer free and finally living her life outside the glass! Through this entire journey baby Lilly has kept a smile on not only her beautiful little face, but many many others all around the world. She has helped other children remain happy through some tough battles they are battling as well. This little girl is truly amazing and has touched so many lives!!!

Here is a picture of Lilly with her personalized neon pink teddy bear with her photo on the front and “I beat cancer!” on the back.  Her Mom says she has been dragging her bear around everywhere with her after receiving it as a gift.  We are honored and delighted that this bear went off to such an amazing little girl.  Lilly is an inspiration to us all, and proof that you should never give up…there is always hope.