Easter and Spring Graphics for Stuffed Animal Shirts

The following Easter and Spring themed graphics can be printed onto the T-shirts of any of our personalized teddy bears or stuffed animals.  Make note of the DESIGN CODE shown in red above the graphic you want on your shirt and enter this into the "Design Code" field on the page for the animal you have chosen when you are filling out your other personalization information. 

BEAR-EST1 A brown teddy bear holding a basket full of Easter eggs BEAR-SPR A brown teddy bear sitting in colorful flowers BNY1 A white Easter bunny holding a basket and easter egg BNY2 A white sitting bunny wearing a purple bow tie BNY3 A white bunny popping out of a green egg shell BNY4 A white bunny holding Easter basket hopping through tulips BNY5 A white Easter bunny popping out of a pastel colored egg BNY6 A white Easter bunny popping out of a colorful striped egg BNY7 A white and pink girl Easter bunny holding a pink tulip BNY8 A white and blue boy Easter bunny BNY9 A white girl bunny wearing a purple bow holding a colorful Easter egg BNY10 A white boy bunny wearing a purple bow holding a colorful Easter egg Bunny 11 Bunny 12 BNY-SPR A white bunny sitting in colorful flowers BTFLY-1 A pink and green butterfly Chick Spring Chick 1 Chick 2 Chick 3 Chick 4 Cross 6 Cross 7 Dragonfly 1 Dove 1 Easter Baby 1 Easter Baby 2 Easter Baby 3 Easter Baby 4 Easter Kid 1 Easter Kid 2 Easter Kid 3 Easter Kid 4 Easter Kid 5 Easter Kid 6 Easter Kid 7 Easter Kid 8 Eggs 1 Elephant Spring Easter Basket 1 Easter Basket 2 Easter Basket 3 Easter Basket 4 Pink Flower Flower Pot Purple Flower Spring Flowers Spring Frog Spring Giraffe Spring Hippo Spring heart 1 Spring heart 2 Ladybug Spring Lion Lamb 1 Easter Monkey Spring Monkey Easter Panda Spring Panda Spring Zebra