Kids Personalized Party Favor Bags


Personalized favor bags make wonderful thank you gifts to pass out to guests at the end of a kid’s birthday party. A personalized favor bag is such a nice way to say, “Thanks for coming to my party.” Mandy’s Moon offers personalized satin favor bags with draw strings for nearly every birthday party theme. Ballerinas and ice skaters love giving favor bags personalized with a ballerina or ice skater, their name, date of the party or a short message. These favor bags are great to pass out not only at ballet themed parties, but at ballet recitals or for figure skaters – give them out at the ice arena for parties and competitions. Gymnasts can give out personalized favor bags at a gymnastics party or a gymnastics competition or cheerleaders can pass them out to the squad after a big event. Personalized favor bags are always popular for karate, rock climbing and mini golf parties. A few of our other birthday party theme personalized favor bags include firefighter, pilot, bounce house, dinosaur, fairy, tea party, princess, jungle, mermaid, pirate, barnyard or petting zoo, pool party and water slide parties. Our personalized satin favor bags are always a hit at roller skating and skate board parties. Sports fanatics will be thrilled to have personalized favor bags for baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, football, volleyball and tennis. A baby’s first birthday is quite a milestone. Older children and adults enjoy getting personalized favor bags filled with candies and nuts for baby’s 1st birthday. Whatever the party theme, you will be sure to find adorable personalized birthday party favor bags that will delight you and your birthday party guests.