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Customer Spotlight: Auto the Bunny gets a new logo T-Shirt!

Meet Auto the Bunny, mascot of J&H Insurance of Washington State.  We printed their company logo onto a teddy bear T-shirt for Auto to wear and it fits him perfectly!  If you're in the Yakima area and need home, auto, business, or life insurance, with personal, friendly service, go talk to the agents at J&H, where their motto is "No Gimmicks, Just Real People"! Say hi to Auto the Bunny for us while you are there!
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Customer Spotlight: Attitudes in Reverse

Check our our personalized stuffed moose and squirrel at a recent Supernatural convention!  We printed logo T-shirts for them for non profit Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR™) to use in their fundraiser.  The mission of Attitudes in Reverse is to educate society about mental health. People need to know that the best suicide prevention plan is a good mental health awareness program. In addition, AIR. tries to educate that ALL people should be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding, no matter what illness they might have. If people “act different” there is a very good chance that there is a diagnosed or non-diagnosed mental health disorder, and should NOT to be judged or criticized.
Moose & Squirrel are the nicknames for the characters Sam & Dean Winchester from the TV Show Supernatural.  The actors Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles support good mental health education and suicide prevention. They have supported Attitudes In Reverse through their Always Keep Fighting campaign. The Moose & Squirrel plush that AIR offers as fund raisers are very popular with the Supernatural fans at conventions.
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Christina Perri gets a Personalized Penguin!

Our  stuffed animals have been meeting lots of famous people lately!  Thank you to our customer Troy, for sharing this awesome photo of Christina Perri holding the personalized stuffed penguin he gave her at a recent concert.   

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Customer Spotlight: The Kat Shack

When the owner of The Kat Shack recently lost her beloved 20 yr old cat Ferris, her Mom decided to surprise her with a personalized stuffed orange tabby cat in memory of him.  The real Ferris is picture above, along with his plush namesake who is proudly sporting his Kat Shack T-shirt as he greets visitors to The Kat Shack.

The Kat Shack is located in Bixby, Oklahoma and offers a calm, peaceful, home-like environment for your cat to stay while you’re out of town; no cages, no dogs, and lots of love. With 23 years of animal experience, you can be sure that your cats will be in good hands while you are away.  More info at

We can print your own small business logo onto any of our personalized stuffed animals or teddy bears.  No minimum orders or setup fees and we have lots of animals to choose from, so think about getting a special plush mascot to welcome your guests or pass out to your clients!

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Pink monkey meets P!nk at a concert!

How cool is of our customers ordered our personalized pink stuffed monkey to give to P!nk at her concert in Washington DC...she not only got it to her, but P!nk held it during the entire song! Check out the end of this video to see it! Thanks for sharing, Wendy made our day!

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The Purple Awesome Pandas!

Congratulations to the PURPLE AWESOME PANDAS, who took first place for 3rd graders in the Oregon  Battle of the Books this week while wearing their custom T-shirts and dog tag necklaces from Mandy’s Moon!

The Oregon Battle of the Books, OBOB, is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program.  The program’s mission is to encourage students to broaden reading interests, to increase reading comprehension, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students.    Students in 3rd thru 12th grade are given a list of books to read in the months preceding the OBOB competition.  The 3rd graders had a list of 16 books to read.  Many students read and re-read the books during the months as the teams prepared for the completion.   The competition then involves a moderator who is asking the competing 3rd grade teams to answer questions about the books they read to test their comprehension.

I had a lot of fun designing the special shirts & dog tags for the Purple Awesome Pandas and was so excited to hear that they won their competition.  Congrats to all of you on your hard work and great accomplishments, and keep on reading!!!

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Customer Spotlight: Giuseppe’s First Halloween! November 4, 2013

We thought this was just about the cutest idea ever.  Little Giuseppe dressed up as a teddy bear for his first Halloween, and his Aunt sent him one of our personalized teddy bears with a T-shirt with the photo of Giuseppe in his costume on it to commemorate the occasion.  They make an absolutely adorable pair!

We love seeing your photos of your families with our products and are always amazed by the fun, creative ideas that our customers come up with.  So if you’ve done something special with one of our products, send us your photos and we will feature you in an upcoming customer spotlight!

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Customer Spotlight: Rebekah & Leah – Soon to be Big Sisters! October 14, 2013

Congratulations to Rebekah and Leah, who are waiting for their new little brother to come home from China!  Their Mom, Heidi W. is a long time customer here at Mandy’s Moon, and  I was so excited when she ordered these Adoption Stork T-Shirts because I knew it must mean happy news for their family!  After SEVEN long years of waiting to adopt again, little Caleb should be joining them soon!  Congrats to all of you!

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Customer Spotlight: Baby Lilly – An Inspiration to us all September 23, 2013

Lilly B. is a 13 month old baby who has recently beat cancer. She was diagnosed at just 4 months old with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer. Lilly had 8 surgeries and 14 rounds of chemo in her short little life. Her parents lost their home and jobs, and had to live between the Ronald McDonald home and the hospital while Lilly was going through her treatments. Lilly is now cancer free and finally living her life outside the glass! Through this entire journey baby Lilly has kept a smile on not only her beautiful little face, but many many others all around the world. She has helped other children remain happy through some tough battles they are battling as well. This little girl is truly amazing and has touched so many lives!!!

Here is a picture of Lilly with her personalized neon pink teddy bear with her photo on the front and “I beat cancer!” on the back.  Her Mom says she has been dragging her bear around everywhere with her after receiving it as a gift.  We are honored and delighted that this bear went off to such an amazing little girl.  Lilly is an inspiration to us all, and proof that you should never give up…there is always hope.

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Customer Spotlight: Congrats to Dacey Winkleman, Miss Chattanooga!


Congratulations to Dacey Winkleman, Miss Chattanooga, who competed in the Miss Tennessee Pageant this summer!  She took home the Miss America Organization’s State Academic Award for having the highest GPA in the entire pageant…quite an achievement!  Before the pageant, Dacey’s Mom ordered lots of personalized stuffed animals from Mandy’s Moon to pass out to her supporters.  Dacey’s Grandma is pictured above, holding her Pink Sassy Monkey with Dacey’s photo on it!  Dacey has also recently won the Miss Capital City 2014 pageant, which means she qualifies to return to the Miss Tennessee Pageant next year.

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