Introducing a New Contributor to Our Blog

From Laurie:  Since I’ve been averaging one post about every 3-6 months on our blog, we’ve decided it’s time to add a new author!  My Mom is going to be writing a series of posts about how we came to start Mandy’s Moon, how the business has grown and evolved, and and some fun ideas for ways to use some of our products.  I’ll still be posting sometimes too, but I think you’ll find her to be a much better and more interesting writer than I am!    I’m happy to introduce you to my best friend, indispensable business partner, and all around awesome…MOM!  

For anyone who might actually READ this blog, my name is Nancy.  I’m “Mom” to Laurie (creator and owner of Mandy’s Moon Personalized Gifts) and “Ba” (grandma) to Mandy, namesake of Mandy’s Moon, and 3 other beautiful grandchildren.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to live in Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya and Eritrea.  Our lives were not always pleasant, but I can honestly say there was never a dull moment!  Now in my so called “golden” years I stay busy helping with the grandkids and acting as chief packer and data entry person for Mandy’s Moon.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and finally caved in to Laurie’s request for blog entries.  Hopefully someone out there will enjoy my ramblings.

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Customer Spotlight: Giuseppe’s First Halloween! November 4, 2013

We thought this was just about the cutest idea ever.  Little Giuseppe dressed up as a teddy bear for his first Halloween, and his Aunt sent him one of our personalized teddy bears with a T-shirt with the photo of Giuseppe in his costume on it to commemorate the occasion.  They make an absolutely adorable pair!

We love seeing your photos of your families with our products and are always amazed by the fun, creative ideas that our customers come up with.  So if you’ve done something special with one of our products, send us your photos and we will feature you in an upcoming customer spotlight!

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween will be here in just a few weeks…your child will love to have his or her own special trick or treat tote bag for the big night!  Choose any of our cartoon kids to appear on your tote bag and personalize it with your child’s name and/or special message.  We offer trick or treat tote bags for boys and trick or treat tote bags for girls.  The bags measure 15″ x 15″…large enough to hold lots of candy!

Having a Halloween Party?  Check out all our Halloween Party Invitations and personalized Halloween favor bags.  Kids will love putting their own special Personalized Halloween Stickers on cards for family and friends!

We wish you all a safe and fun Halloween!

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Customer Spotlight: Rebekah & Leah – Soon to be Big Sisters! October 14, 2013

Congratulations to Rebekah and Leah, who are waiting for their new little brother to come home from China!  Their Mom, Heidi W. is a long time customer here at Mandy’s Moon, and  I was so excited when she ordered these Adoption Stork T-Shirts because I knew it must mean happy news for their family!  After SEVEN long years of waiting to adopt again, little Caleb should be joining them soon!  Congrats to all of you!

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Customer Spotlight: Baby Lilly – An Inspiration to us all September 23, 2013

Lilly B. is a 13 month old baby who has recently beat cancer. She was diagnosed at just 4 months old with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer. Lilly had 8 surgeries and 14 rounds of chemo in her short little life. Her parents lost their home and jobs, and had to live between the Ronald McDonald home and the hospital while Lilly was going through her treatments. Lilly is now cancer free and finally living her life outside the glass! Through this entire journey baby Lilly has kept a smile on not only her beautiful little face, but many many others all around the world. She has helped other children remain happy through some tough battles they are battling as well. This little girl is truly amazing and has touched so many lives!!!

Here is a picture of Lilly with her personalized neon pink teddy bear with her photo on the front and “I beat cancer!” on the back.  Her Mom says she has been dragging her bear around everywhere with her after receiving it as a gift.  We are honored and delighted that this bear went off to such an amazing little girl.  Lilly is an inspiration to us all, and proof that you should never give up…there is always hope.

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Customer Spotlight: Congrats to Dacey Winkleman, Miss Chattanooga!


Congratulations to Dacey Winkleman, Miss Chattanooga, who competed in the Miss Tennessee Pageant this summer!  She took home the Miss America Organization’s State Academic Award for having the highest GPA in the entire pageant…quite an achievement!  Before the pageant, Dacey’s Mom ordered lots of personalized stuffed animals from Mandy’s Moon to pass out to her supporters.  Dacey’s Grandma is pictured above, holding her Pink Sassy Monkey with Dacey’s photo on it!  Dacey has also recently won the Miss Capital City 2014 pageant, which means she qualifies to return to the Miss Tennessee Pageant next year.

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Customer Spotlight: Custom T-Shirts for the Texas Hoopsters!

Congratulations to the Texas Hoopsters basketball team who played in the 2013 U.S. National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio!  The guys competed in the Men’s 75+ division and played hard and had a blast!  Our customer Hillary S., daughter of Fritz (second from the right), decided to surprise her Dad and his team with special custom T shirts for the big event. The event was only a week away, so we had to move fast!  We created the design, added their team name and all their individual names on the top and got them shipped out the same day so they would make it in time!  We love doing things like this, and especially love when we get to see photos afterwards!  So thank you to Hillary and the Texas Hoopsters for sharing, and congrats to the guys on a great competition!

If you need custom T-shirts for your special event we are happy to work with you – whether you already have your own logo or artwork to use or if you want us to create something using parts of designs from our other products, just let us know what you’re looking for.  We’ve made custom T shirts for adoption group reunions, family reunions, wedding parties, family trips, and more. Custom T shirts are available in adult or child’s sizes.  No minimum orders or setup fees if you are using your own art or art we already have that can be adapted to fit your needs.  If we need to create completely new art there will be a small charge.

We’re always looking for more customers to put in the spotlight so send us a photo of how you have used your products you’ve ordered from Mandy’s Moon and we will feature you here!

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Customer Spotlight: Eryn’s Choo Choo Train Princess Party Theme!

A great big thank you to our customer Hope F. for sharing this beautiful photo of her daughter Eryn in her Choo Choo Train Princess Birthday shirt! (Photo by Joe Nickle Photography).   After ordering our girls Train Birthday Party Invitations, Hope wrote to us and asked if there was any way we could incorporate a princess theme with our normal train birthday T Shirt.  We added a crown to the head of the little girl in the train and a castle in the background and matched the colors to her pink and mint green party theme.  Eryn’s Mom made the beautiful matching Tutu for the birthday girl and Eryn’s party was a huge success!  See the rest of our Train Birthday Party Supplies, including thank you notes and matching favor bags.

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming customer spotlight, leave a comment below or contact us with a photo and/or story of how you used your product from Mandy’s Moon!

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Happy 4th of July!

Fourth of July is almost here and we hope you are all planning fun picnics, barbeques and family celebrations.  It’s a time to be thankful to all those who have served our country, and to be proud to be an American!  Americans come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and everything we offer at Mandy’s Moon celebrates the diversity of our beautiful country.   All our kids party invitations and personalized gifts that feature our cartoon designs are available with your choice of skin and hair color so you can customize it to look like your child or your family.

Our Fourth of July Party Invitations featuring our multicultural kids in patriotic clothing are perfect for inviting family and friends to your celebration.  Dress the family in Proud to Be American T Shirts or Patriotic Panda T Shirts to show your patriotic spirit!

We hope you have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

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Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!  We’ve had a lot of fun making Father’s Day gifts for our customers over the past few weeks.  This year’s top seller was our Big Guy / Little Guy (or Gal!) T Shirts…matching T Shirts for Dad and the kids to wear on Father’s Day.  Toddlers and elementary school aged kids will be especially thrilled to be just like Dad, and matching T Shirts for father and son or father and daughter makes for a great photo opportunity on Father’s Day!

 Our Father’s Day T Shirts are completely customizable.  Choose any of our cartoon people with any skin or hair color, add accessories, and personalize it with their names and headline of your choice.  The options are endless!  Whether Dad is into golf, fishing, surfing, baseball, tools, or computers, you can customize these shirts to match his interests!  We can print any headline onto your shirt, so be creative.   Make them for father and son, or father and daughter, or for grandfather and grandson or grandfather and grandaughter.

If you’ve ordered our matching Father’s Day T Shirts we’d love to see photos of Dad and the kids wearing them.  Contact Us and we’ll feature your photos in our customer gallery.

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