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Invite your friends to join you for a roaring good time with our Dinosaur birthday party invitations. Add matching Dinosaur thank you notes, favors, and a personalized birthday T Shirt to complete your Dinosaur party theme.

All our Dinosaur party supplies can be customized by choosing the skin and hair color of the cartoon child.

Dinosaur Party Favor Bag - T-Rex

$ 1.75

Cave boys, cave girls – gather for a roaring good dinosaur party! Your search for unique birthday boy and girl party themes has ended - these personalized dinosaur birthday party invitations allow you to choose cave boys and girls with different skin and hair colors. A T-Rex, apatosaurus, and pterodactyl all invite your guests to share a fun filled day in pre-historic times.

Your cave boy or cave girl will love our personalized party favor bags, matching the dinosaur birthday party theme. Fill the bags with candies and nuts, perhaps even a miniature dinosaur. Your young cave boy or cave girl will feel extra special wearing his or her very own personalized dinosaur birthday t shirt, announcing their age to the pre-historic world.

Cake, ice cream, pizza – maybe even a few dinosaur themed games - and then it’s time for the little cave boys and girls to hop aboard a pterodactyl and fly away home. Mom or Dad can send those cave kids away with their own matching dinosaur favor bags. Clean up the mess, put away the new toys (probably plenty of model dinosaurs) and then it’s time to say thanks! Is your little cave boy or girl too young to write much of a thank you note? The problem is solved with our fill-in-the-blank thank you note cards, perfect for the reluctant recipient of all those dinosaur theme party gifts! More verbal kids might prefer our blank dinosaur thank you note cards that are blank on the inside.