Music Recital Invitations, Favors & Gifts

Invite family and friends to your child's piano or violin recital with these adorable invitations.  Matching favor bags are perfect for passing out to friends on recital day.  Personalized tote bags are ideal for carrying sheet music to music lessons and events.

All designs featuring cartoon kids are available with any skin and hair color for the cartoon child.



Piano Recital Boy Personalized Christmas Ornament

$ 12.95

Piano Recital Girl Personalized Christmas Ornament

$ 12.95

Trumpet Personalized Christmas Ornament

$ 12.95

Violin Recital Boy Personalized Christmas Ornament

$ 12.95

Violin Recital Girl Personalized Christmas Ornament

$ 12.95

After months, or even years, of daily practice the big day has finally arrived – your child's first piano recital! Some days piano practice can be a trial for parents as small fingers fumble over piano keys, often hitting a wrong note. But for your small pianist the old saying of “practice makes perfect” usually prevails. And if not perfect, good enough to debut at his or her first piano recital. Our piano recital invitations are perfect for inviting family and friends to share the joy of your child's first piano recital. The lights dim, your young pianist announces the name of the piece he had prepared, then with a professional flare, seats himself on the piano bench. The room is full of proud parents and grandparents ready to burst into applause. Small fingers are placed in the correct location and a hush falls over the room. After a long, rather frightening pause, the first notes of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” burst forth. The audience happily overlooked the few mistakes along the way. The important thing was that he did it! He survived his first piano recital! He stood, took a sweeping bow, and the audience clapped and took photos.

As your guests leave the recital, thank them for coming by passing out our adorable piano recital favor bags printed with a cartoon pianist resembling your child. Fill the favor bags with small candies. Don't forget to send a matching note card to each guest as a thank you for attending your child's piano recital. As family and friends gather at your house for a party following the piano recital, present your child with the gift of their own piano recital t shirt so they will never forget their special day. Another great piano recital gift is a matching tote bag to carry sheet music. Also available is a bag tag printed with a cartoon child and address, perfect for attaching to the piano recital tote bag! At Christmas grandparents would be thrilled to receive a piano recital Christmas ornament commemorating their grandchild's first piano recital. And the young pianist would be thrilled to attach a piano recital room sign to their bedroom door or a piano recital magnet to the fridge.

After weeks and weeks of practicing on her violin, it was time for her first violin recital! She had practiced performing for others at home. Bow, play the whole piece, no stops, bow again. Then she would practice her violin with her teacher accompanying her on the piano. After that, the final rehearsal. At last proud parents and grandparents were seated in the audience, ready for her first violin recital! Only two mistakes – she did it! Cradling her beloved violin, she took her final bow, a big grin plaster on her face.

As her guests left her first violin recital, she passed out satin favor bags printed with a cartoon violinist resembling herself. Several days later she mailed a matching note card to each guest as a thank you for attending her first violin recital. Her parents had surprised her with a reception to celebrate her first violin recital and presented her with a violin recital t shirt, tote bag and address bag tag. That year a violin recital keepsake ornament graced their family Christmas tree. She even decorated her bedroom door with a violin recital room sign and stuck a violin recital magnet to the fridge.